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The old USPA (United States Pente Association) newsletters used to have a few problems designed by Rollie Tesh and Tom Braunlich. Both were great players who have moved on to other ways of spending their time. As a young teen, I followed Tesh's lead and got a few problems published. I became a little more accomplished after my first couple. When my last problem, No Snakes, showed up in the newsletter, Tesh said, "He's getting pretty good with six, now I'd like to see him try a four-mover." Well, eighteen years later, here's my attempt:

"Teshera" by Scott Justice, August 2001.
Pente in 4.
Captures: White (yellow) has 4. Black (brown) has 4.

"Teshera" was the first Pente problem created for the web. It proved to be difficult with only two players, Dmitri King and Tom Braunlich, solving it correctly on their first try. If you think you have solved it, or give up, check the solution.

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