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"Teshera" by Scott Justice, August 2001.
Pente in 4.
Captures: White (yellow) has 4. Black (brown) has 4.

The correct answer is the edgy 1. T8! threatening 2. R8 followed by 3. Q8. Black is unable to stop white without giving up the fifth capture. Besides the obscure, lonely position of White's first move, "Teshera" was difficult to correctly solve due to two common misfires by those who emailed their guesses.

Both wrong answers were on the right line though, literally. Some said 1. L8 thinking that 2. M9 followed by 3. O9 would win in four moves. Even Mark's Pente® program spat that out as the solution. But, 1. L8 is stopped by 1. ..., M12. The other common incorrect reply was 1. R8 which is stopped by Black by playing, you guessed it, 1. ..., T8.

Congratulations once again to Dmitri King and Tom Braunlich for being the first to solve a Pente® problem in the cyber world.

Copyright © 2001 by Scott Justice