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The Pente® Puzzle World Hall of Fame is located in Bagdad Florida. Built to recognize those rare individuals who possess the ability to solve a difficult Pente® problem on their first submission, the HOF, as insiders call it, was dedicated by the Honorary Bocephus Jeremiah Jackson on October 11, 2002 to memoralize Pente® history and promote the "classic game of skill"'s future. A barbecue reception followed the ceremony. Special thanks go to Leroy for his kind donation of the pig.

Teshera. 2001.
1. Dmitri King
2. Tom Braunlich

No Snakes. 1983.
1. John Hawkins

Quincunx. 1982.
1. John Hawkins
2. Robert Argleden

Honorary Hall of Fame members recognized for their special contributions to Pente®, online Pente®, old-time Pente®, Pente® problems and/or Scott's Pente® site:

Rollie Tesh
Tom Braunlich
Mark Mammel
Scott "it's my site, my hall" Justice

The above image is the HOF's official logo. Bocephus says the dots make him dizzy.

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