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DiabDiag  NEW!
Ninthlife  EASY
No Snakes  SOSO
Teshera  HARD!
Quincunx  HARD!!


Here's the basics of how Pente® problems work:

1. White always moves first.

2. If either side has any captures, it is stated.

3. The object in each problem is to "force Pente® in x moves." For instance, Pente® in 5 moves means white has to get five-in-a-row or five captures with just five moves. Pente® in five gives Black four opportunities to defend.

4. There is only one solution to a problem.

5. The first move to a good problem is not obvious.

6. A problem does not have to arrive out of a possible game position. Those who say that it should need to build a bridge and get over it or go solve Chess problems instead.

Now armed with the basics, go try to solve Ninthlife which has a few hints to help you become a proficient Pente® problem solver.

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