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DiabDiag  NEW!
Ninthlife  EASY
No Snakes  SOSO
Teshera  HARD!
Quincunx  HARD!!


Pente® Puzzle World challenges you to solve the best, thought-provoking Pente® problems ever created. The site contains a mix of old Pente® puzzles and my brand new creations. The plan is to add more classic problems from the archives over time while springing new ones every few months that aim to confound all comers. New problem types, such as Keryo Pente® puzzles, and "What's the best move?" positions are on the drawing board. Excitement grows as the site grows.

If you are asking what Pente® is, then Pente Basics gives you a brief description of the game. Go to Links for great sites where you can learn to play. If you know how to play, but have no clue what a Pente® problem is, try Puzzle Basics, then the primer problem Ninth Life.

Do you have what it takes to be the first person on the planet to solve the NEW DiabDiag. If you solve the puzzle on your first try before I publish the answer, then your name gets entered into the prestigious Hall of Fame. Quite an honor indeed, but I doubt anyone can solve the latest problem. Hmmm, sounds like a challenge. Will you be the one to shut me up?

No Snakes is a challenging six-mover I created back in 1983 when I was fifteen. Teshera, the first problem written for the internet, premiered this site and proved to be tricky. It's my only four-mover that I thought was worthy. Saving the best for last, Quincunx by Rollie Tesh is the most difficult, complex problem ever created.

Thanks to Mark Mammel, Tom Braunlich and Rollie Tesh for their support, contributions and assistance.

Please Email me your solutions, opinions and comments. I am open to your suggestions.

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